Woodland CA: Morgan’s Mill, pre-release party for Glass is Glass Water is Water & Must Apple (11/8/18, 7PM)

Seattle WA: Open Books (with Jessica Rae Bergamino) (11/16/18, 7PM)

Sausalito CA: Why There Are Words, ‘Ultimate’ edition (with Vanessa Hua, Melissa Stein, & others) (12/13/18, 7PM)

Claremont CA: Pitzer College (4/1/19, 4:30 PM)

Berkeley CA: UCBerkeley Extension / Poets Studied and In Conversation (4/11/19, 6PM)

NYC: Bryant Park Reading Room (with Dorothy Chan, Paul Legault, & David Welch) (4/16/19, 6PM)

Chico CA: 1078 Gallery (8/29/19, 7 PM)

Los Angeles CA, for Lambda LitFest: Book Show, with Richard Siken & Ken White (9/21/19, 7 PM)

check back–lots more in the works