History of Art_front_cover3THE HISTORY OF ART

The Atlas Review, 2019

Selected by Natalie Eilbert for The Atlas Review’s Fourth Annual Open Reading Competition

“Holy mother of fuck. If Adrienne Rich wrote prose, it would come out something like this. This work is more powerful to me than Twenty-One Love Poems and that. is. saying. a. lot.” — Lidia Yuknavitch

The History of Art is wide open, complex, dirty, clean, revelatory, and flat-out amazing.” — Daniel Mahoney

$15 US 

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Rae Gouirand_Jinx webJINX

Seven Kitchens Press, 2019

Selected by Ron Mohring for The Summer Kitchen Series, released in a limited edition of 49 copies

$9 US

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Spork Press, 2018

ISBN 9781948510165, $18 US

Available from Spork, Open Books, Powell’s, & most independent booksellers via SPD




Must Apple Front CoveMUST APPLE

Educe Press, 2018

Selected by T.C. Tolbert for the Oro Fino Chapbook Award

In Must Apple, Rae Gouirand writes a world that stays and can never stay into a prolonged, if not perpetual, being. A grandfather stringing beans, the skin of a persimmon turning—the sharp edge of her language-knife takes what could be mundane and skins it with light. These poems make me want to be a more careful writer and a more attentive human eating from and breathing with this world. What I’m trying to say has already been said better by a friend of Tu Fu in the eighth century: Thank you for letting me read your poems. It was like being alive twice. —T.C. Tolbert

ISBN 9780996571678, $12 US

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open-winter-coverOPEN WINTER

Bellday Books, 2011

Selected by Elaine Equi for the Bellday Prize for Poetry

Winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award for Poetry & the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Poetry

Finalist for the Audre Lorde Award, the California Book Award, & the Montaigne Medal

These poems possess a quiet urgency—an elegant, stark beauty. The speaker wonders “What minimum: can I say.” The line “radiates/its own idea of bareness.” The sentences are prisms conjugating light. But there is also an unsettling quality to this work that continually questions itself and resolutely insists on remaining open to possibility and fluctuation. I’m deeply impressed by the strikingly original combination of delicacy and rigor—the seemingly effortless way the focus shifts from outer landscapes to “the sky we have inside.” –Elaine Equi, Final Judge

I can think of no poet’s first book in recent years that has given me as much pleasure as Rae Gouirand’s Open Winter. Gouirand repunctuates the world in stops and starts as she reaches toward new ways to parse the complexities of love. Open Winter shows us how language breaks and fails, how poems repair and revive. –Mark Wunderlich

Rae Gouirand’s poems glow with motion and stillness, the richness of consciousness, as they delicately enlarge the boundaries of comprehension and desire. The sense of scale—infinitesimal to vast—is capacious as mind itself. A complex innerness gleams through the cracks of the language, the white space between syntaxes: an interruption that sings. Open Winter offers a shimmering geometry of cognition in visionary poems that witness the erotic ligatures between self and world. It is a generative—and deeply generous—book. –Alice Fulton

ISBN 9780979337642, $14 US

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